August 5, 2022

New Members: Ashley, ... welcome!
Level Ups: Level 2 - Ace, Auriianna, Elijah, Emelie, Jun, Kayori, Loki, Portia
Game Updates: Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Hidden Menu


If you've been following the discord, you'll already be aware of some of these updates. The image donation section of the member panel has been overhauled and is now fully functional! We have already received dozens of donations, thank you so much to all of you for your contributions! Emails from forms are still not working, and it appears to be an issue with my hosting service blocking emails, so I'm deciding on a work around. Until then, buttons and badges may either be posted on the forums or you may DM me directly on discord.

As far as games go, the monthly games were updated over the weekend for the beginning of the month, so go ahead and play them if you haven't already!

I am still working on building parts of the website over the course of the prejoin period. Thank you all for your patience and assistance as this game is developed!

Donations: Caitlin donated banana; Jun donated okonomiyaki and taiyaki; Portia donated chiaseed. Thank you!

New Decks

You may take a total of 6 cards cards. No more than 1 per deck. Comment with what you take!
If you donated a deck and have not yet taken a choice card from the deck please remember to do so. This includes decks that were available before today. If you have already taken your choice card you may disregard this.

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