September 30, 2022

Masters: Ace (Sopas); Caitlin (Starbucks); Elijah (Chapulines); Kayori (Sea Salt, Blooming Tea, Tteokguk); Lex (Wonton Soup); Nova (Guacamole, Member Cards); scott (Curly Fries)
Game Updates: Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Hidden Menu


Some small but exciting news! The donations form is finally fixed so that I can now retrieve the URLs submitted in the form, and the badges, buttons, and trade cards drop downs should award the correct card amounts. Let me know if you have any issues with this. If you submitted a donation in the past and don't see it on the website, it's because the old form would attempt to send an email which I, unfortunately, can't receive! Just reach out to me on discord or on the forums if your donations are missing on the website.

Second bit of news, we are looking for a forum mod! I'm thinking 1-2 to help out with games and/or handing out rewards to help Raie. DM me on discord if interested.

Wishing Well (Emelie): Double deck release

Wishing Well (Loki): 1 choice card with a green border and 1 choice #13 card (must be separate decks)

Donations: Emelie donated burrito

New Decks

You may take a total of 8 cards cards. No more than 1 per deck. Comment with what you take!
If you donated a deck and have not yet taken a choice card from the deck please remember to do so. This includes decks that were available before today. If you have already taken your choice card you may disregard this.

Don't want to choose cards? You can use the update randomizer

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