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Diary of an AssCan

Diary of an AssCanTitle: Diary of an AssCan
Author: Andy Weir
Series: The Martian #0
Publisher: WHSmith
First Published: September 30, 2015
Pages: 4
Genres: Science Fiction, Short Stories
Format: Web
Source: Free, Web
Rating: ★½


This short story gives us a glimpse into Mark Watney’s world just before taking off on his mission for Mars. Read on for more from this exceptional character.

My Review:

I honestly don’t really know what I expected with this short prequel story to The Martian. I loved Watney and his struggle to survive on Mars after ending up stranded. The story has captivated both book readers and movie audiences alike and it is completely understandable. Diary of an AssCan is a short the follows Watney as he prepares for the doomed Mars mission.

Perhaps this story might have been better consumed as a bonus at the end of the original book, but going back I just didn’t feel like I got anything fun or new from this. You get a little more about the characters and a few haha foreshadowing Watney jokes. Overall though? This is one that can easily be skipped, there isn’t really anything new brought to the table. It was an okay little time waster that added another tick to my yearly reading goal.

Ah well, at least it is free to read in its entirety online. Those that loved The Martian might appreciate this short story as a silly little bonus.

“I wish there were a way to spend more time on the surface. But oh well. 31 sols will have to do.”

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