January 8, 2023

New Members: Cupid, Syara ... welcome!
Level Ups: Level 4 - Ouji
Masters: Caitlin (Donut Hole, Concord Grape, Bingsu, Fruit Juice, Orange Juice); Emelie (Bibimbap, Feta); Jennifer (Allspice, Asian Pear, Japchae); Lex (Skittles, Chocolate Pie); Loki (BLT)
Game Updates: Breakfast Menu


Mini update to let you all know that I am in recovery! I had covid with several complications which completely knocked me out the last few weeks so apologies for the disappearance. I have made a lot of process with development on Stack and am doing the bulk of transfers this week. So with this update I'm putting Honey on a mini hiatus while I do the bulk of the move. You are all still welcome to trade as normal and play the current round of games, though I do ask that level ups and masters are held off for a little bit as I have already converted those over. Points will be converted to honey jars with the move at a 10 point per jar rate, which evens out with the current system of 30 points or 3 jars per choice card. You will receive an on-site reward with your new jars on the new site, so no need to worry about counting. Points from trade cards are being added and topics locked temporarily in preparation to the new on-site turn-in system.

Donations: Caitlin donated honeymustard, Emelie donated muffin, Jun donated ajifurai

New Decks

You may take a total of 5 cards. Comment with what you take!
If you donated a deck and have not yet taken a choice card from the deck please remember to do so. This includes decks that were available before today. If you have already taken your choice card you may disregard this.

Don't want to choose cards? You can use the update randomizer

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