YA Paranormal Romance Book Review

I Wish I Weren’t a Djinni

My Thoughts

I Wish I Weren’t a Djinni is a run-of-the-mill genie story with a touch of romance. A young man finds a lamp, he gets three wishes, and the djinni wishes to be free. It’s a pretty standard genie story that is very predictable but still manages to be sweet. There is a little humor as the genie tries to figure out 21st-century life. After a while, though, it got a little tiring.

“What happens to you once I make my third wish?”

For a young adult story with mild hints of romance, there was no instalove and I found that to be refreshing. The connection between James and the djinni felt genuine. Overall, it’s a fluffy read and not a bad sampler for this author’s paranormal series. While not my cup of tea, the writing is solid and no doubt would appeal to fans of young adult paranormal romance books. I’m not sure I’d continue the rest of this series personally, but it’s something I wouldn’t mind recommending to others.


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