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Little Moments of Love

My Review:

For those unfamiliar with Catana Comics, it’s a web comic about the artist and her relationship with her boyfriend. It’s another series that regularly makes its rounds on social media, which I imagine is where most people have seen it.

To say that this comic is sweet is an understatement. It is 100% relationship cheese that will be either #couplegoals or gag-inducing depending on the audience. It’s clear that Catana and John are very much in love and they’re extremely cute together.

The comics, like the art, are simple. The title pretty much sums up the entire series in general as each strip is like a small snippet of life in a long-term relationship. Fans of the comic series will probably love the collection, naturally. However, for myself as a casual reader that appreciates seeing the occasional strip show up on my feed, I found the collection overall to be alright. Even a hopeless romantic like me can get tired of the overload of relationship fluff. It’s good if you don’t expect too much from it, but at the same time, I don’t feel compelled to read more.

“I zip-tied you to your chair, now you’ll have to take your pants off to escape! I’ll watch.”

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