Book Review

Shimmer and Burn

Warnings: Violence

My Thoughts

Shimmer and Burn was much much darker than I expected and I LOVED it. A locked away kingdom ruled by a ruthless king, forbidden blood magic that is both beautiful and deadly, a power-hungry princess, a dying world infested with diseased cannibals–this book had it all. That is, except for the main character, Faris.

This book was almost perfect for me, but I just wish that Faris wasn’t so bland. The book is carried by an extremely strong plot and well-developed side characters but.. well the story just sort of happens to Faris. She is constantly made out to be a fighter but she ends up running or needing to be saved almost every time. She has one central motivation, her sister, and some heartbreak over Thaelan, but that’s really all her character has going for her.

Thankfully the other characters help drive the plot forward. I’ve never been one to fawn over book boyfriends but that changed with North. I really like North and Faris together, even though their romance sort of shows up out of thin air in a mild case of instalove. I would expect characters to talk and have more interaction before they go falling “in love.” It’s not the worst thing in the world, I still liked the characters and their romance so I was willing to look past that.

My favorite part of the book is the absolutely incredible magic system which is unlike any other I’ve ever read. Magic is described as being beautiful like threads that can just as easily fray and destroy the magic wielder if not handled with care. It is treated as something alien, even for humans with a natural-born ability to wield it. I can’t overstate enough how much I love this concept. The intricate political relationships in this novel are extremely well done and I’m so excited to read the next book.

“Magic leaves a mark and love is a magic all its own. As is hate or greed or lust-any feeling that requires any effort. And when left to fester, every single one of those feelings can go sour and destroy you.”


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