Book Review

Sisters’ Entrance

Warnings: Violence, Racism, Islamophobia, Trauma

My Thoughts

I’ve struggled to gather my thoughts on this collection, I was just so blown away and overwhelmed by the emotions elicited by this book. The poetry collected here comes from a very personal place for the author, who is a Sudanese refugee that survived the war and genocide in Darfur.

Some poems were heavy and spoke of her traumatic experiences such as in People Like Us and The Bride. Others, like Why I Haven’t Told You Yet, were more light-hearted but still carry a strong message. All of these poems pulled together shape the author, her family, her experiences, and her outlook on life.

Emi is very mature for her age and writes beautifully. She is truly a remarkable young woman and I hope that she has a long career in writing ahead of her. The author has done a TED Talk about her experience with genocide that is absolutely worth watching. This book is invaluable for the reflections and memory history within its pages, this is a harrowing but ultimately hopeful read that I want to scream I wish that this book was talked about more.

“When you build nations on someone’s bones
what sense does it make to break them?”


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