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Destiny Child

Destiny Child is a free gacha game from Korea that has become a go-to for both my husband and I. He introduced me to the game almost a year ago, and for the longest time I had held off on downloading it, finding the game to be a sensory overload but still enjoying the art style and animations while watching him play. I eventually gave in and downloaded it and fell in love instantly.

The entire game is built around collecting childs which you power up to fight in various dungeons, raids, PVP, and other events. There is a humorous main story that follows an unenthusiastic demon that unintentionally enters a contest to become the next great demon lord. You, the master, are helped in your training by three charismatic succubi. It’s a silly story, but very wordy and thankfully there are options to skip dialogue if you’re not that interested.

“Why, hello there, my new adorable little master ❤️”

To say that this game is addicting is an understatement as the game dumps loads of awesome looking childs on you. The designs range from cute, to scary, to sexy, the art style for some characters is very sexualized. Despite the highly sexualized character, I liked that all body types are presented beautifully! The game rewards you for literally everything that you do, and has daily quests available to keep it active. There are several types of currency that you spend on different gacha roulettes that have a chance of getting you stronger childs, some are limited time only. This game has also done some crossover events with some beloved franchises, including Hatsune Miku, Street Fighter, and Dead or Alive. These crossovers surprisingly fit well with the overall style of the game and I’ve been very happy to collect some of my favorite characters.

With all free games, this one also has a pay options to purchase additional passes, which get you bonus mission rewards, skins, and more opportunities to use the gacha roulette. Spending money in this game can quickly become a money dump as the purchased items are not cheap. It’s unfortunate, but it’s understandable that the developers need to make their money in some way. The constant updates and multiple events that are constantly going with brand new childs to get keep this game alive and going strong, and the international version is far behind the Korean version in terms of event and child releases. Overall I really love this game, and think it’s worth playing even without using the payment options.

Let’s Discuss!

  • What do you think about the art style? Are the sexualized characters good or bad?
  • Do you consider gacha games to be a form of gambling?
  • How do you feel about free games that use cash shops?

Game Information

Destiny Child
Publisher: SHIFT UP Corporation
Developer: NextFloor
Release Date: October 27, 2016
Genres: Gacha
Platforms: Mobile
Official Website