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The Body Will Follow

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Ghostly possession is one of those genres in horror that I feel doesn’t get enough appreciation compared to other more glamorous monsters and supernatural beings. The Body Will Follow showcases the horror of being possessed, and how a person’s carefully constructed life can be ripped to shreds in a short amount of time. It was both horrifying and campy and reminded me of the types of horror novels I grew up with.

The story follows Carrie, a thirty-something with a good job, a nice house, close friends, and a healthy lifestyle. She is horrified when she realizes she doesn’t have control of her body as the ghostly ‘wishes’ wreak havoc on her body and her life. I appreciated that the story continues with the horrible aftermath, the chaos, and the suffering that is wrought on the victim. This story took ghostly possession to a new level.

Carrie reads the auras of the people around her like mood rings, while important to the plot of the story, I also found this tedious after a while. The story never explains what any of the colors mean, so without prior knowledge or looking it up, the constant readings become fluff. I didn’t care much for the gag humor which changed the tone of the novel from frightening to urban fantasy. In all, it was amusing and I had a hard time putting it down. I think it can work for the right readers, the book is wild, weird, and a little wacky, it’s an offbeat novel that had some high points that stand out.

“Empty her head. The body will follow.”


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