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Warnings: Violence, Sex, Racism, Descriptions of Starvation

My Thoughts

Do you know what one of the most un-fun things in the world is? Starving. Speaking as someone with experience and a stressful hospital stay because of it, this book has become that much more terrifying to me after that experience.

Billy is a scum bag lawyer saddled with a gypsy curse that leaves him withering away slowly after committing a heinous crime. Both body and mind begin to deteriorate at an alarming rate and Billy finds himself fighting for his life. He goes through all the series of emotions you would expect from someone after they figure out that they’re dying; Sometimes he’s scared, sometimes he’s angry, sometimes he starts looking to who else he can blame and claim victimhood. Some might not like Billy, but his experience is terrifyingly real. I couldn’t help but feel bad for the poor guy even though he was a total asshole, pardon my language, I was impressed with how much I could feel so much sympathy for such an unscrupulous character.

Actually, just about everyone in this novel was a terrible person, there wasn’t a single one that I liked, and I found that I didn’t much care. Despite the fact that the book uses the tired old gypsy curse trope it stands as one of the best revenge thrillers I’ve ever read. It was my first taste of body horror and it quickly became a favorite subgenre of horror. I read this book start to finish on a plane and boy was it stressful.

Thinner was a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish. This book was incredibly difficult to put down, King really does know how to write good action scenes that truly gets the heart racing and makes me want to fly through the pages. There are very few books that I feel have a perfect ending and this one had it, I actually pushed my rating higher for that reason alone. This book gets overlooked a lot given how huge Stephen King’s catalog of work is and it’s a shame, it’s definitely underappreciated.

“But it’s hard for a man to give up all his pleasures, even when they don’t pleasure him no more.”


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