Horror Graphic Novel Review

Through the Woods

My Review:

I’ve read a lot of horror, ones that were bloodier and more disturbing than this. Yet those novels and graphic novels didn’t affect me the way that this one did. Through the Woods is a collection of horror comics that hearkens back to the creepiest fairy tales. The atmosphere in the novels is not to be understated, the stories and art are chilling, even when the stories are straightforward and can be predicted.

Even the introduction and the conclusion, brief as they were, evoked feelings of dread cover to cover. I found myself feeling uneasy, particularly while reading the first story, Our Neighbor’s House. My favorite easily was A Lady’s Hands are Cold, though there was not a single story that I didn’t like. Carroll’s stories present characters that are other and the discomfort experienced by the characters can be keenly felt. Along with the author’s gorgeous art style and lyrical writing, this collection was just a joy to read. A great collection overall and one that I could easily see myself going back to reread over and over again.

“I married my love in the springtime,
but by summer he’d locked me away.
He’d murdered me dead by the autumn,
& by winter I was naught but decay.”

Trigger Warning: Violence, Mild Gore

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