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My Review:

My this is one of the most magical graphic novels I’ve read perhaps ever. Watersnakes is a dark fantasy about a lonely girl that meets and falls for a mysterious girl named Agnes. The two share in mischief and it isn’t long before Mila finds out that there is something strange about Agnes. She finds herself embroiled in a battle between the Earth and the sea.

The story starts slow and I had some difficulty getting into the rhythm at first but it is absolutely worth the patience of getting through the first chapter. The creatures in the novel are dark but beautiful at the same time. Mila is a character that I could find relatable, she’s curious and a little bit of a coward but she is a believable character.

To say that this graphic novel is gorgeous is an understatement, the art is incredible and eye-catching. Sandoval has created a world that feels like that dreamy place between fantasy and reality. It’s a dark fairy tale that is frightening but intriguing all the same, I could not get enough of how magical the world was. I loved this graphic novel and feel so fortunate that I had the opportunity to get a review copy. I loved this graphic novel so much I purchased a physical copy for my shelf, I highly recommend it for lovers of dark fantasy!

“I can hear the children of the storm calling for their king.”

Trigger Warning: Violence, Gore, Sexually Explicit Content

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