What Happened to Book Blogging

For those that have known me for a while, I’ve been a book blogger for around six years, my last book blog having a good three year run. I had initially started blogging after joining Goodreads, which I use to track all of the books, comics, and manga that I read. Goodreads gives you the option to rate books and regularly runs giveaways. The algorithm gives higher chances to users that write book reviews, and so I decided to try writing a few of my own. It worked, by the way, and I found that I genuinely enjoyed talking about the things that I was reading. I was unsatisfied with just having my reviews posted on Goodreads, and so my blogging journey began.

I followed the general format of many book blogs, with accompanying haul posts, a few tags I never really liked, participating in blog tours that I hated that felt useless to me, you get the idea. My blog eventually just devolved to review posts only, since they were the easiest for me to write, and I found this to be limiting. I engaged with the community and made some genuine friends, but I found myself scrolling through so much clutter and filler posts. I also never got around to writing recommendation posts all that often though I wanted to, because I didn’t feel that I had really read enough of any particular genre to make recommendations for them.

Discussion of my regular life ended up on my monthly wrap up posts, but even those were largely impersonal and quite tedious to write. I got bored quickly of listing all of the books I acquired that month and of hunting down links to share. There were also times I was not reading as much because I was watching a lot of anime or playing video games with my husband, and it would have been so out of orbit for the blog to talk about these things.

I had been debating it for over a year and decided that I wanted a change. I wanted to be able to fan girl about the latest anime I was watching or sometimes just write some real life thoughts on things. Book reviews will still make up the large majority of my posts of course, but I didn’t want things to be strict to the book blog format. I fell out of love with book blogging and book blogs in general, though I still regularly check in with bloggers that I’ve met over time. I want to move away from the publisher marketing and blog tours that come inherent with book blogs. With so much advertising thrown into my face every day, I want to spend my blogging time getting away from things that I feel responsible to do.

So here I am with a new blog, I will very likely port most if not all of my previous book reviews at some point after I’ve had the chance to reformat and rewrite a few of them. I’m excited to do something new and to have more creative freedom with my posts. I’m also excited to share more of the real me, Jamie the person, not Jamie the book reviewer.

Let’s Discuss!

  • Are you a blogger and what do you blog about?
  • Do you ever find that having a blog dedicated to a specific subject suffocating?
  • Do you actually read blog tour or book tag posts?

I’m a Filipino American blogger, historian, and lazy writer. I enjoy books, video games, anime/manga, and smoking hookah.


  • Jennifer

    I think all blog are suffering from ads in one way or another. When I first started to blog I remember a lot of the ones I followed quickly went from interesting to nothing but sponsored content. If the person is good at writing it shouldn’t feel like sponsored content, or rather it should still be interesting.

    • Jamie

      Agreed, I’ve noticed that too which is why I’ve sort of stayed in the circle of book blogs, but honestly many are spammed with blog tours which I kind of auto skip unless it’s a book review.

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