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Worlds of You

Worlds of YouTitle: Worlds of You
Author: Beau Taplin
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
First Published: May 22, 2018
Pages: 194
Genres: Poetry
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
Rating: ★★★


Another gorgeous collection of poetry and prose from Australian poet and social media sensation Beau Taplin.

Beautiful, inspiring, and empowering, Worlds of You sweeps readers away on a journey of emotion. Filled with lyric wisdom, Taplin’s second book expands on the themes introduced in Bloom, offering insight and comfort.

My Review:

Worlds of You is perhaps one of the most romantic collections I’ve read in quite some time. Everything about this book oozes romance and feels very personal as the author reflects on his life and experiences with love. I had to admire Taplin that not only is he self-aware but he has a good head on his shoulders and knows exactly what he wants out of both life and love.

The first 75% of the book is dedicated entirely to passages and poems about romance, heartbreak, desire, and moving on. The last quarter of the book centered on the author’s own reflections about himself and how important it is to love and care for yourself. Love-crazed teen me would have eaten this book up, it’s a lighter read and I flew through the book faster than I expected. Despite some of the sadder themes, this book is definitely a feel-good read, with plenty of inspiring and hopeful passages that are grounded in reality.

One of my favorite poems was The Fictions of People which was a meditation about the problem with relationships and how people have a tendency to view lovers through a lens of their own desires, not truly seeing the people underneath. This one was particularly notable to me just for how truthful it was about the issue with dating and one that I’ve experienced several times.

I also have to note that this book is very beautifully designed, with some poems printed on black and white photos of flowers. This is the type of book that you’d gift a lover as it is filled to the brim with thoughts about love and has a dreamy feel to it, worth a read if you’re in need of a pick me up.

“But how can you love a person who is not whole? Because you, like the moon, are not only beautiful when full. In all of your phases and fractions and ivory-white pieces, I love you.”

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